Circular connector identification

I’m trying to ID the 2 connectors. I need the matching male to connect to them.

They look like AMP CPC but I am unsure what series.

If I go to and look at series-1 and series-2, for 8 pin both point to the same part# 206434-1 I can only find a 4 pin in series-1 206429-1

I have a bag of 1-66506 pins which I believe will work for the series 2 but I’m not sure on the series 1.

I also need the strain relief for each.

they look to be
A1360-ND for 4 position ,

A1369-ND 8 position , please take a look at these items see if they do match up with what you are looking for.

Thanks. 206434-1 and 206429-1 I mentioned above are the matching male for the above parts you identified so I guess I was correct.

It appears the series 1 and series 2 use a totally different male pin.