Looking for a circular connector part 331516-1

Looking for a circular connector part 331516-1. I have attached photos to see if maybe there’s a similar one floating around out there. No luck with the part number provided in the technical data. Any help is appreciated!

-SSgt Sanchez USAF


Welcome to the Technical Forum. Well the part number structure appears to be Te Connectivity. I was unable to verify the part number on their website. Though they do not always list parts that could be proprietary. The closest I can see if part number HD36-18-14SN-072 though it is not identical. The bad part with only having a picture is most of the circulars on our website do not have pictures. I just can’t find anything closer. Sorry.

I was unable to find anything exactly like that either. Also please not while we do sell military style circular connectors, most of them are for commercial use and are not rated for military installation, if you find one you think will work, please use the datasheet to make sure it is rated for military use and not commercial use.