Circular Connectors Part Number Breakdowns

Every manufacture and series have different part number break downs. Most manufacturers will have it on the datasheet or a separate document containing just the part number break down.

For example:

CUI part number MD-60 has the part number breakdown on the datasheet:

We have datasheets for most of our products. They are listed under the Documents & Media section on our website.


While Lemo has a quick reference guide on their website as you can see here:

Here are some common part number callouts:

  • Usually start with the series call out ( over 58 thousand part numbers just in the housing section that start with their series call out)
  • Another common component of part numbers is the number positions usually followed by a P or S calling out if it’s a pin or socket.
  • Towards the end of the part number is other features like contact plating or if they have a strain relief.