Schurter 5145 Series Part Numbering

When you are looking at the part numbering in the data sheet for the 5145 Series of power entry connectors vs the manufacturer part number you may notice that the manufacturer part number does not have the letters that the breakdown describes. If you look at the bottom of the product page you will find the orderable part number listed under other names. This is the part number that you can use to verify specifications with the part number breakdown.

In this example we will look at Digi-Key part 486-4002-ND

As you can see the manufacturer part number is listed as 5145.0991.511. If you take this part number to the breakdown in the Data sheet you will see that it does not match the breakdown.
Now if you look at the bottom of the product page under the Additional Resources section you will see Other names listed. Here you will find the orderable part number that will breakdown in the data sheet.
Should you have any questions about the part number please feel free to contact us or reply to this post.

5145 Series Part Numbers

486-3759-ND 486-4000-ND 486-4002-ND 486-3760-ND 486-4003-ND 486-4001-ND 5145.0764.831-ND 5145.0586.531-ND 5145.0012.511-ND 5145.0012.711-ND 5145.0880.110-ND 5145.2770.811-ND 5145.0031.830-ND 5145.3000.830-ND 5145.0562.411-ND 5145.2956.111-ND 5145.0031.831-ND 5145.0022.711-ND 5145.0040.211-ND 5145.0423.611-ND 5145.1477.711-ND 5145.0022.731-ND 5145.0429.611-ND 5145.3000.811-ND 5145.0893.711-ND 5145.2841.111-ND 5145.0885.831-ND 5145.0890.831-ND 5145.0470.811-ND 5145.0991.531-ND 5145.0646.611-ND 5145.0470.731-ND 5145.0885.810-ND 5145.0881.111-ND 5145.0879.310-ND 5145.1356.411-ND 5145.0847.511-ND 5145.1593.731-ND 5145.2858.230-ND 5145.2857.511-ND 5145.0470.711-ND 5145.2754.811-ND 5145.1698.811-ND 5145.0470.730-ND 5145.0470.831-ND 5145.0551.511-ND 5145.0882.211-ND 5145.0991.510-ND 5145.1034.811-ND 5145.1184.631-ND 5145.2091.411-ND 5145.2166.111-ND 5145.3583.510-ND 5145.0646.631-ND 5145.0861.830-ND 5145.0991.611-ND 5145.1271.311-ND 5145.2090.211-ND 5145.2217.711-ND 5145.2451.211-ND 5145.3768.711-ND 5145.2773.811-ND 5145.2773.831-ND 5145.2772.731-ND 5145.2755.811-ND 5145.2851.811-ND 5145.2774.131-ND 5145.2775.231-ND 5145.0990.531-ND 5145.2882.811-ND 5145.3303.831-ND 5145.3417.811-ND 5145.2810.511-ND