Power entry module and its power cord

Hi, is it possible someone checks that this Schurter PEM
486-1270-ND ( 5707.0401.312)

matches with this power cord
486-2464-ND (6051.2121)

I could not find the exact VAC17KS that is specified in the PEM’s datasheet, but the one I found looks very similar, however I cannot be sure the retainer will work as expected.

Can someone at Digikey warehouse look for them and test it please. If not, point me to the right ones. I want white PEM and cord for a medical device, that comply with IEC-60601.

Very much appreciated.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I sent a request to have this checked and will post the information when I receive it.

These can be used together but they don’t lock since the 486-1270-ND doesn’t have the locking mechanism.

OK Thanks, but then, can you suggest me the appropriate mating connector, so I can have a pair that locks? That is what I need and they will be for a medical device. Thanks!

I believe the locking version for this is 486-6251-ND.

Thanks, but I got confused. 486-6251-ND would be the correct match for 486-2464-ND ? Is there a way you can confirm it ?