Power entry module and its power cord

Hi, is it possible someone checks that this Schurter PEM
486-1270-ND ( 5707.0401.312)

matches with this power cord
486-2464-ND (6051.2121)

I could not find the exact VAC17KS that is specified in the PEM’s datasheet, but the one I found looks very similar, however I cannot be sure the retainer will work as expected.

Can someone at Digikey warehouse look for them and test it please. If not, point me to the right ones. I want white PEM and cord for a medical device, that comply with IEC-60601.

Very much appreciated.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I sent a request to have this checked and will post the information when I receive it.

These can be used together but they don’t lock since the 486-1270-ND doesn’t have the locking mechanism.

OK Thanks, but then, can you suggest me the appropriate mating connector, so I can have a pair that locks? That is what I need and they will be for a medical device. Thanks!

I believe the locking version for this is 486-6251-ND.

Thanks, but I got confused. 486-6251-ND would be the correct match for 486-2464-ND ? Is there a way you can confirm it ?

The datasheet for the product line contains a table of ordering numbers )(part numbers) for variations of the product with different options for rated current, front or rear mount, locking feature, etc. Models with the locking features will be indicated by a mark in the “v-lock” column.


P/N 486-6251-ND is mfr P/N 5707.0613.312, which without a suffix following would not have a locking feature, per the above datasheet excerpt.

The part numbers in this product series that include a locking feature for which DK has listings are found here. There appears to be a number of errors in our parametric listings regarding the presence or absence of this feature, for which a correction notice has been sent.