Newb looking for a C14 power entry module, can't find exact match

Hi, I’m looking for a replacement C14 power entry module to fix my broken one, but I’m not sure how to find an exact match on Digikey’s product index. I’m a bit new to this so I’ve attached pictures of the broken part to help identify it - I believe I’m looking at a receptacle with 3 male blades, and the mounting type is a right angle of some kind with 5 pins…?

For context, this part came from a computer monitor power supply board. It doesn’t have any mounting screws and was only held in place by solder. There are five pins on the outside of the module that connect to the board, instead of the usual three I found in most online listings. Any help identifying a match would be appreciated, thanks!

Welcome to the technical forum. I could not find anything for the part you have. To me the metal piece on the last picture could be shielded. I could not find anything like that. 708-2960-ND would be a standard type, but not shielded. Unfortunately I am not finding anything that is exact.

Hi Charlie,

I think Verna_1353 is probably right. With that said, would it be possible to get any images showing any part markings on the device. If we could figure out who makes it and/or any part number or model indications, it might help with a search effort.

Here’s images of the two faces with part markings to assist with identification. Sorry for the bad lighting. The print on the back right side reads “Huajie” and “SA-4S 19”.

All other faces are blank and have no print aside from the two photographed here.