Help identifying male power connector

I have a piece of equipment that has a special power supply connector. It is very similar to a phone jack, with four wires powering a plastic shell, but the retainer clips are on the side, rather than a single on the bottom, and the width of the wire prongs are not quite the same. The only identifying mark is “AMP D” on the face of one side.

This is a critical piece of equipment and, though I was able to solder some wires together to get this to function, I’d rather repair this appropriately. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks, in advance!

Hello @Idiotfool,

This looks very similar to AMP part5-1761184-1-ND
There are a number of connectors in this 50 series

Looks like it would then have a boot such asA113826-ND attached.

Thank you, Robert! That appears to be perfect!

On my unit, under the boot, there is a metal collet that is crimped over the wires. I’m not sure if that is part of an AMP system or if it was just put together by the original manufacturer of my power cable. I don’t see it on the drawing for the connector or on the boot. Any thoughts on this?

There are a couple options in this series for shields. I would have to get a picture to verify, however there are the Bottom and top shields A105071-ND and A105070-ND

Then there is also the cable ferruleA113813-ND

Thanks, again! It was the ferrule I was referring to. I’m not sure if our existing unit uses the shields or not, but I don’t think there’d be a problem if we did when I replace the end.

Very much appreciate the assistance, Robert.

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