Compass, Magnetic Field HMR3300-D00-232

  1. Currently yaw and rolling show correct information while pitch shows opposite direction. When I tilt the chip downward, it shows on my computer it’s up and vice versa. I noticed there are 6 wires total. 2 are for power. Rest of 4 wires, I have currently 3 connecting but I found out that even with just one specific one wire out of those 3 connected, it still gives me all the yaw, rolling and pitch info. Am I have wire connecting correctly?

  2. The length of tilting nose from horizontal ground is approx. 10cm when pitch degree is just 1. I was hoping when I tilt my nose of machine up away from the ground say 3cm, the degree it shows would be already 10 degree or so; therefore, I notice the number difference and I can respond quicker. Currently, we have pitch degree from 0 to 45. In this case, if anyone can suggest me another digital compass or something I can adjust on my end, that would be great.

Thanks in advance!