Componentd of 2648-SC0400US-ND!

Hello there,
I have ordered “RASPBERRY PI4 DESKTOP KIT COMPON”, which has code name: “2648-SC0400US-ND”, my question is that, does it have Raspberry Pi4 board in it? and if yes, how many GB of RAM with included board.
Thank you.

Yes, here’s the official Raspberry Pi page describing the desktop kit version.

The Digi-Key page says that part number is the 8G Pi4 with 0 G installed, but that must be a typo because RAM is not an installable/removable item on a Pi.

Note this is not in stock and there is no way to know when it will be back in stock. If you want to get a Raspberry Pi in the next 6 to 12 months you should join the email notification lists from a dozen or so sellers and regularly check daily to see when other retailers have them in stock.

More details are available in multiple threads on the official Raspberry Pi forum.

Here’s a brief summary of the situation:
Raspberry Pi Trading is producing as many Pi’s as possible given the global chip shortage. They are actually producing about the same amount of Pi’s monthly as they were before the shortage. However demand has grown by a huge amount during the past two years outstripping chip availability by a large margin. Because so many small businesses would need to go out of business or lay off employees without at least some Pi’s, they are favoring those sales over the rest of the markets.


Thank you @PaulHutch for replaying.
I am in India, and I have informed that I have to pay the taxes and customs once it reaches here. I am not sure if that the best way to get Raspberry Pi, especially they get delayed for a long time.