Conformal Coating Sealant Spray?

If you are looking for a good conformal coating spray to seal electronic components and circuit boards, 1000-145-ND may be what you need. The clear to slightly amber appearance makes the electronics easily visible.

LOCTITE 3900 is a clear acrylic formulated without chlorinated
solvents or CFC’s. The coating is spray-applied and air dries
tack-free in five minutes to provide a tough environmental and
solvent-resistant coating. The material provides protection of
printed circuit boards, electronic components, thick-film circuits
and other substrates. This product is typically used in
applications with an operating range of -40 °C to +125 °C.

● High dielectric strength
● Fast drying
● Precision spray nozzle
● Contains no CFC’s

For a flexible silicone type instead, please Click here for options 473-1353-ND and 134-8695-ND.

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