Can only purchase 422C-945ML instead of 422C-55ML

Hi, I am from Malaysia. I want to buy this conformal coating from MG Chemicals, 422C-55ML. I search it on Malaysian Digikey website and could only find 422C-945ML instead of the lesser quantity 422C-55ML. But the lesser quantity one is listed on US digikey.

I talked to the Live Chat technician and was told that 422C-55ML contains hazardous materials while 422C-945ML is not. So the guy on the chat said they can only ship 945ml version to Malaysia instead of 55ml version. 55ml version is only allowed to be shipped within US states.

This totally doesnt make any sense to me. They are both the same, the difference is only the quantity. Can anyone help me with this matter? I dont need 1 liter of conformal coating, 55ml is more than enough. I hope Digikey can send me 55ml instead of 945ml.


@Keyo We are checking and will update you as soon as possible.

Part number 422C-945ML is a new product for Digi-Key and has not yet be set as restricted material. Neither part number 422C-945ML or 422C-55ML can be shipped outside of the contiguous United States due to Digi-Key’s internal shipping restrictions.

Thank you!