Connecting a computer to the home office with Digi 6310-DX

If you’re using a computer at home and want a wired, secure connection, the Digi cellular extender 6310-DX is a perfect option.

For primary wired WAN, connect the computer the LAN port on the router and the WAN port to the router you use for your internet. Your companies IT staff can use Digi Remote Manager (DRM) to configure the router to create an encrypted VPN tunnel between your computer and your corporate data center. A great plus to the 6130-DX is that if your home internet goes out, the cellular data will take over and ensure you maintain connectivity.

Applicable Part Numbers

602-2228-ND 602-ASB-631R-DX06-OUS-ND 602-2227-ND 602-ASB-631R-DX04-OUS-ND 602-2226-ND 602-ASB-6310-DXE4-GLB-ND 602-ASB-631R-DX03-OUS-ND ASB-6310-DX06-GLB-ND 602-ASB-6310-DX16-GLB-ND 602-ASB-631R-DX06-GLB-ND