Connection of MCP3008-I/P to Raspberry Pi

Hi there,
I am working at a research lab in US. We recently purchased these GAS Sensors: MQ2, CO and Methane gas (Smoke Sensor - MQ-2 - SEN-17049 - SparkFun Electronics) but we came to know that we needed Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). We found this device: MCP3008-I/P in DigiKey. I have few questions about it.

  1. Can we connect this device to Raspberry Pi?
  2. How can we communicate with it through Raspberry Pi?
  3. How many sensors which needed ADC can be connected to this ADC Device?

Thank you for the help. Since this is my first time working with the device, your help will help me continue my work.


For 1 and 2 you would be able to communicate with it via SPI interface.
near bottom(TABLE 3-1) of Page 15 top of page 15 in the data-sheet
For 3 for the 3008 device you can connect 8 devices.
top of page 15 in the data-sheet


Great and thank you for your quick response and support. I would trouble you again If I have got more questions. Thank you and Have a great day ahead.

Hi there, I have one more question. Regarding question number 2: What software or code script do I need to communicate Raspberry Pi to it?

Thank You.

Looking for existing code for connecting a Raspberry Pi to this converter is a good first step. For support with this code I would advise < Starting Here >