Temperature sensor TBP-I2C-H08 (DigiKey 4369-TBP-I2C-H08-ND)

I am looking for help to operate the referenced temperature sensor on a Raspberry Pi 4B, using python. It seems the I2C connection requires a lot of software set-up. Any help is much appreciated.

Hello rickhunter,

Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum! There is a whole world to explore with Python and interfacing with I2C, however many times it does require some tweaking. Prior to any troubleshooting advice we can give, however, it’s important to know what where to start. To begin, we’ll need to know how familiar you are with Python coding, communication protocol such as I2C, and working with the physical hardware like the sensor and Raspberry Pi.

One of the easiest places to find alignment on where you are and where you need to be is to take existing projects and examples that should work, and then make changes as needed. In this instance, replicating the diagrams on page 5 of the datasheet and using the code provided in the document would be a great place to start. Once you have this, it should become a bit more apparent as to what tweaks need to happen first.

Once this is done, feel free to share screenshots and descriptions of your steps along the way. The main difference between doing something for fun and doing something for education/science is documentation, and the TechForum is a great place for it!