Connector for ribbon cable to pc board

I am looking for a connector to connect 8 wire, 24 ga ribbon cable to a PC board. Ideally the board mounted part would mount with pins bend 90 deg. So the plane of the cable would be parallel to the plane of the board. Space is a concern so the smaller the better. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Not a lot of options I would consider small for wire gauge size 24.

Click here for some options

Connectors get a fair amount smaller if you bump that wire gauge down to 28awg.

Thanks. I could go to 28awg, what do you suggest for 8 conductor ribbon cable, 28awg?

Kindly see here for one option:

89947-708LF Amphenol ICC (FCI) | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

98464-G61-08LF Amphenol ICC (FCI) | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

This looks good. I will need to go to 12 conductor connectors. It looks like 2 rows of 6 is a possibility. Is this correct?