12pin 1.27mm through-hole connector + ribbon cable

We are still designing a mezzanine PCB, is there a ribbon cable like connector which can bridge from one set of 1.27mm connectors to the other set. Also recommended high density connectors with decent vertical profile for board to board connection. Ideally press-fit rather than soldered.

Is this a 2x6 connector shown in the lower right corner?

Maybe take a look at SAM8780-NDimage

Thanks a lot for the suggestion to adapt to the female part of the board to board connector I am planning to use this through hole version: FTS-106-01-F-D

Does digikey have an equivalent in stock ?

The equivalent search feature in the app is awesome.


Here is a link to some similar options that we carry that may work for you. https://www.digikey.com/short/jn7894 Take a look through them and see if you can make them work for your application.

Thanks, Bobby