Connector part identification for Lane assist camera 2021 Hyundai Tucson


I am writing to request your expertise and help in finding a specific product. I am trying to identify the name or part number of a connector that connects to the Hyundai Tucson Front Lane Assist Camera .the part the connector plugs into the camera has the number MG645845 I have attached a Photo of that ad a couple of photos for reference.

I am reaching out to you for assistance as I am having difficulty finding this product on my own. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

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Brandon Doran

![4c3f73d9249add540ccade2148136cc273bfba8a-1|375x500](upload://6dE6foGTIGuppQJZbVT4d2ebQBg.jpeg) ![4606665c9cb46767e0871ce6a8b84416bd974688-1|375x500](upload://l62thzIKN6XEPSfKBUtfmH6IZiv.jpeg) ![d3983bc0b4ef9c02bc162f7812c4dcf5b65ced19-1 (1)|375x500](upload://nsEvNDoVnj4bt1VDfeHCnUW0bob.jpeg) ![e2a5aa5be544ae995e82014edb58e36baffeaaed-1|375x500](upload://uco2D90OT83BB6PDp8UHy4734kX.jpeg) ![4606665c9cb46767e0871ce6a8b84416bd974688-1|375x500](upload://l62thzIKN6XEPSfKBUtfmH6IZiv.jpeg) ![b2cf6050a84a04b1f197ef093838f2ef3d6ea5dc-1|375x500](upload://3NLfAbNbI3goRYNxjKuSFm4DkmH.jpeg) ![s-l1600 (3)|690x458](upload://tWv77rpw66jnhddF5lQvAAIYONk.jpeg)

Hello Brandon,

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Only one picture showed up, and without multi angled views, number of contacts, or measurements, it is hard to match it up.
I searched the MG645845 on google, and I see it was probably made by KET (Korea Electric Terminal)
I’m sorry, but we will not have this connector.

Dear David,

Thank you for your quick response and for taking the time to look up the information I needed. I am pleased to inform you that I was able to locate the item I was looking for using a photo search. As you mentioned, the Korean manufacturer is KET and Connector Experts currently has it in stock. However, they are charging $88.10 for the part and an additional $20 for shipping.

Based on the cost, I assume that this part is proprietary to Hyundai and it’s why it’s so difficult to find. I’ve searched high and low, but I’m grateful for your assistance in verifying this information.

Once again, thank you for your help.

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For what little information is out there, and the cost when you find it, I would think it is a proprietary connector for Hyundai. Sorry again, that we did not have this.