Connectors for Lumileds XF-3014CV

If you are looking to use the Luxeon XF-3014CV Series of flexible strip lighting, Lumileds has a set of recommended connectors to use.
Here is a link to the Data Sheet (see page 5)
Additionally, there are assembly instructions included in the document.

Here are the links to the items on our website:

Solder type:

Parts Needed – Body: 11-9159-002-101-116, Lock: 60-9159-340-201-000, Cover: 60-9159-330-201-000
Body 478-5856-1-ND                    Lock 478-5872-ND                   Cover 478-5867-ND

IDC Type:

Parts Needed – Female: 24-9159-002-122-106 or Male: 14-9159-002-112-106
Female 478-7006-1-ND             Male 478-7004-2-ND

Applicable Part Numbers

1416-1585-ND 1416-1586-ND 1416-1584-ND 1416-1587-ND 1416-1589-ND 1416-1590-2-ND 1416-1591-2-ND 1416-1592-2-ND 1416-1592-1-ND