LUXEON CZ Binning code

Does Luxeon CZ L1CU-5770000000000 from Lumileds have binning code?

Hello Engineer20 ,

for the part number

L1CU-5770000000000 , Lumileds does not offer a binning code as this is a white color , on page 3 of the PDF they give the part number breakout .

Part numbers for LUXEON CZ White follow the convention below:
L 1 C U – A A B B 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
A A – designates nominal CCT (27=2700K, 30=3000K, 35=3500K, 40=4000K, 50=5000K, 57=5700K, 65=6500K)
B B – designates minimum CRI (70=70CRI, 80=80CRI, 90=90CRI)

For the 5700K they use a Single 5-step MacAdam ellipse shown on page 25 of the PDF

Hi @Craig_2048 ,

OK, thanks for your explanation!