Controlling a 2 wire latching solenoid

I’m looking for a suggested product for controlling a 2 wire latching solenoid (datasheet is attached). I’ve been looking at using an H-Bridge however I am sure there must be a product available that will do this more elegantly. Any suggestions would be appreciated

The background of this request is trying to activate this solenoid using a Lorawan end node. This end node has 4 digital outputs. I would like to use 2 outputs per valve. Ideally I would prefer to connect these 4 outputs to a preassembled board which would do the voltage switching for me.

Based on the schematics below would it be possible to pulse the solenoid for 50ms? Would I need to have a 4700uF capacitor in the circuit?


Hello jon_barbados ,

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Many motor driver ICs are essentially H-bridges with logic-level inputs, and may fit the bill.

It’s not entirely clear what the mentioned capacitor is for; my guess would be suppression of transients during the turn-off process. If so that goal might be better served with a bi-directional TVS diode, but a person may wish to clarify that point with the manufacturer of the unit.