Controlling Mechatronics MD4028 2-wire fan speed

Can Mechatronics MD4028 24V 2-wire fan speeds (specifically MD4028X24B-RSR) be controlled by altering the voltage from a 2-pin JST-XH fan port?

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According to the catalog they do offer speed controllable versions.
The particular fan you linked does have a variation that can be used with PWM speed control MD4028X24B6-RSR (see catalog page 4 for the part numbering legend)

Since they offer a PWM variation, and the data sheet specifies no voltage range or speed range I would assume the manufacturer does not recommend speed adjustment via voltage variation.

If this is for a one off design, not a mass produced product, then I’d try it out to see if the particular part you receive changes speed in a way you like by lowering the voltage. Just don’t count on the next part you buy working the same way.

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