Convert Bosch BME680 gas output resistance to IAQ

The Bosch Sensortec BME680 sensors has 4 outputs: Temperature, relative humidity, abolute pressure, and gas resistance.

Each of the 4 outputs requires a compensation using calibration parameters stored in the register map. Bosch Sensortec provides a the BME680 Sensor API in source code to make this compensation.

IAQ, on the other hand, is not the output of the BME680 itself, but the output of a separate product called the B osch S ensortec E nvironmental C luster software (BSEC). This software provides a specific configuration for the BME680 sensor which has been tuned for sensing I ndoor A ir Q uality (IAQ). This piece of software is provided as pre-compiled binary on Bosch Sensortec’s website and is free to use with the BME680 sensor.

!! Make sure to check that your processor architecture and compiler is supported. !!

Due to the complex nature of the IAQ algorithm, it requires a significant amount of RAM and ROM, and uses floating point calculation. 8-bit and 16-bit platforms are not recommended.

Content for this post provided courtesy of Bosch Sensortech community.