Converter 3.3V to 5V . but ground of both separate.. any IC Suggestions

Hello, I want to convert 3.3V(Input) to 5V (Output). but my need separated ground for input and output … Please suggest.


Unfortunately we do not have anything in stock that will do this.

Below is a link to non-stocking numbers you can look at.

Hello jaygupta68252,

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There are a few DC-to-DC converter modules that may meet your needs.

As an example, please consider the isolated R1SX-3.305-R converter manufactured by RECOM Power. A block diagram and a picture of the module are included below.

Be sure to verify your needs against the datasheet specification.

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Block diagram of an isolated DC-to-DC converter with EMI filter components.

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Hi jaygupta68252,

Based on your requirement for “separated ground”, it sounds like you are looking for an isolated voltage converter. Is that correct?

A few additional questions:

  • Are you looking for a power supply, or just something to do isolated level translation?

If looking for isolated level translation, then you probably could use one of the following to give you an isolated link and then, presuming you have dedicated power supplies at both 3.3V and 5V already, the output will be shifted to the proper level.

If looking for a power supply:

  • How much current do you need to provide on your 5V output?
  • Does the output need to be tightly regulated (say within 5% regardless of load current)?

Here’s a link to some board-level isolated DC-DC converters which are capable of providing a 5V power supply with a 3.3V input.

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