Is this converter isolated?

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Is this DC-DC converter isolated? I need a -30vdc supply so I would like to connect to positive output to ground and use the negative output as -30vdc. I can’t do that unless the output is isolated.

Hello @erikdragos,

The DFR0946 is NOT isolated. recall that the DC-DC buck-boost converter is one of several elementary modules that share common grounds. Like the buck and the boost converters, there is no galvanic isolation between input and outputs.

We could help you locate a suitable power supply if you are willing to share the power requirements and nature of the load e.g., steady state or impulse. Until then, please consider the power supplies from this list.

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Understood, I’m driving a vacuum fluorescent display that needs an anode and grid voltage around 30vdc. The vfd driver needs this voltage to be negative. Being a vfd I don’t need much anode current. 50-100mA would be more than enough. I only have +5v and +12v to work with.

Hello @erikdragos,

We do have several devices that may be used for this application. To obtain -30 VDC you could use a dual isolated (+/-15 VDC) supply.

Two representative examples are shown below.

Please let us know if you would like to further explore the options. Also, kindly keep us in the loop as your project sounds interesting.



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Thank you for these suggestions. They look promising. I very much appreciate your help.


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