Small footprint DC-DC converter


I am looking to a small footprint DC-DC converter. Currently, I am using 2034-3051-ND, it is working fine but it is too large for my application. Please let me know if there are any other options.

Thank you.

Hello xiaheng,

Thank you for your inquiry. Below may be some options to look over. Let us know if you need something more specific.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the link - I am looking for DCDC converters that converts voltage from around 30 to 40 V to 24V. The smaller footprint to better. I currently have CHB150W-48S24. But this is too big for my application.

Can you recommend some “small” alternatives? Thank you!


Hello Xiaheng,

We have some other options from that category. If this list of options does not fit the size you are looking for, then we would probably have to look at just how much current/wattage do you need since the higher current/wattage options drive up the physical size.

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Hi Brent and Ryan,

Thanks for your input. I do find some options that is smaller than my current product (2034-3051-ND). I am specifically looking for 24V/3 to 5A power rating. I would say can you suggest some in 24V/3A, therefore maybe 80W rated. I would like to try them out.

Thank you!


Click here for 2 options. Both of these are 2.28" X 1.45".
Not much smaller, but they are 24V/3.12A, 75W.
The closest I can find to 80W, is 285-2653-ND. This is 24V/3.5A, 85W.

Hi xiaheng,

If you need it to be isolated, here’s a list of DC-DC converters to consider, listed in order of size. If price is no object, they get down to 39mm x 23mm x 7.3mm.

If you do not need an isolated solution, you can get much smaller with these.

Hi David,

Thanks for this information. Price is not a concern for me, so your suggestions are helpful.

I have a question - what does it mean by isolation? Compared to the isolation ones, what the major differences are? I’m new to this. Please advise.

Thank you!

Hi xiaheng,

An isolated DC-DC converter galvanically isolates the input from the output. In such a case, they do not share a common ground. This can be important in some applications, but not necessary for others. Here are a few sources which help describe the differences and applications:!sdc-converters-69.html?0