Dc Dc converter Alternative

I am looking for an alternative for “TA11-350-18”. I need to find one with the same pin out.


Hi tyler.4,

Sorry, I could not find any with the same pin-out. Here is a link to our DC-DC converters which meet the most general electrical specs (Isolated, 9V ~ 36V input, 5V output at >= 3.5A, enable pin). All are somewhat smaller and do not have the same pin-out.

If this is a one-off application, perhaps you could either wire one of these units dead-bug style (upside down with wires attached to leads) or you could make an adapter board to place the substitute board on, with pins routed on the underside to your required footprint?

I was purposely loose with electrical specs, so if you go this route, be sure to verify compatibility with your particular system.

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