High voltage Dc-Dc converter

I would like to get some info on DC-HVDC converter. I am looking for a manufacturer except XP power who manufacture high voltage DC- DC converter with the specification below:
Output voltage 3KV, output current .5mA, Power 3-Watt. Please let me know if you have any suggestion.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Yeahia14,

It looks like the only one we’re going to carry for this is the XP Power that you’d mentioned, 1470-3996-ND. Unfortunately, we do not currently have any alternatives with those same exact specifications. If you have any wiggle room on those specifications, we may be able to offer some more options.

You don’t mention your input specs or whether you have any form-factor restrictions, so given the general requirements listed, you might want to take a look at these to see if any might work for you. Many are adjustable output types and there are both board-mount and stand-alone options among these. If you can give a few more specifics on your requirements, we might be able to narrow the options a bit more.

I have included XP parts for comparison, but you can easily filter those out if you so choose.

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