Replacement HV power supply

I need to replace a broken 4kV HV unit with serial number 4A24-P30-F-C-T0B8Z1. I note you have the same (or similar unit) on your website at

However, I am a little confused regarding the specifications for the A series.

The A series info/datasheet for the A series on the UltraVolt (Advanced Energies) website has two pins shown

(see also the mechanical specifications shown in the datasheet from that site, page 5)

Instead, the unit you offer has three white output pins as per the picture on your website?

Can you elaborate on why there might be a difference? And which one you supply?


Image shown is a representation only. Exact specifications should be obtained from the product data sheet.

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for getting back to me. I can find any details in the UltraVolt A series product data sheet (see attached) except the mechanical specifications on page 5 which shows two pins. Can you advise where it specifies which module to order so the the output has three pins (as per the photo below)?

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Per this document from Advanced Energy - UltraVolt -F Option Ripple Stripper Accessory Data Sheet (1 MB) - the third pair of pins (pins 12 and 13) with the white surround are for the “-F” option 100:1 voltage monitor.

From that document:

And it shows the diagram as well:

Thanks David. That’s exactly what I needed to know!

Assoc. Prof. Evan G. Moore,
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