The digikey part number 2392-QPS3280X005N25W-ND doesn’t describe if its enabled by Positive or Negative on the enable pin. According to the data sheet the X should either be a N or P. I need to design this in and this will make a big difference. MFG part number QPS3280X005N25W

Hi @Action_Jackson,

Very good question. I suspect there was some issue with the part number entered into our system. I’ll get in touch with our Product Manager for this product line and find out. I’ll post back when we get an answer.

Hi @Action_Jackson,

There was some miscommunication when this part number was added. The assumption by NetPower was that one would specify the desired polarity at time of order and they would produce that version. We are going to change this to listing both positive and negative versions as separate part numbers to clarify and simplify this process.

For now, we were informed that NetPower has the “N” version in stock, so you could probably receive that version more quickly (note that NetPower is a “Marketplace” vendor, which means that we do not stock their parts - the parts ship directly from the vendor rather than from Digi-Key). If you need the positively enabled version, I believe you could specify that in the order notes, and they should be able to get that one shipped to you, too, albeit, most likely with a longer lead-time.