TDK DC - DC Converter Step-Up?

HI All,

I need a reliable DC - DC Converter that can handle around 150W or so (maybe 10 - 15 Amps - more is fine), to step 12.7 VDC up to 14.5 - 15 VDC. i.e. boost input from one static 12V lead-acid battery to a second 12V battery to run ignition on a race engine running without an alternator.

I thought TDK I6A4W series might work but they are identified as step-down converters despite the Vin and Vout seeming fit the bill…?

Advice on this or alternatives that require no more building up than I6A4W or that are even plug-and-play will be appreciated. John Hansen - Gosfield Engineering AU.

Hello John:

Welcome to the Tech Forum! I came up with basically the same options that you found: the IA6 series. There are a few more options you can take a look at on that link.

Thanks Jenny,
Much appreciated. Looking at it a bit harder though, TDK’s IA6 product sheets say that output voltage cannot exceed input voltage so it looks like I’ll need another solution to step up from 12V to 14.5.

Hi John,

Here are a few other items to consider:

Isolated board-mount DC-DC modules, such as this one:

Off-board isolated DC-DC modules, such as this one:

Non-isolated board-mount buck-boost converters, such as this:

The I7C4W012A050V-003-R requires several external components for proper operation. We also offer an evaluation board with this module mounted which contains those external components.

Thanks David,
I ordered VHK200W-Q24-S15 - received 4 days later as advertised - (awesome service).
Great device too - does exactly what I need.

Much appreciated - John Hansen, Gosfield Engineering AU.