Step-up Converter for radio control hobby

Looking for a step-up that will take a small lipo 1 cell battery up to 5.2v that is very small, only a few cm in dimension that can fit inside a small radio control glider. I have purchased similar devices from a vendor no longer available, then soldered on my own connections.
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@techconsumer, how much current do you need to push?

I’ve had good luck with this device:

It’s 1A module, it outputs around 5.2v

They do also have a 500mA version, but with a different design.

Here is the 500mA model:

I should mention, with the ability to also ‘charge’ your LiPo with these by plugging in a usb cable is really nice for product demos.


A few additional options, please verify before ordering:

Appreciate the help. I did check the servo specifications, unfortunately no amp draw requirement listed only voltage range between 4.8 - 6v. The servos are sub-micro, smallest available for RC flight. Will give the p/n 528-1208-ND a try.