Looking for a 3S Lipo Battery Management chip

I am Looking for a 3S Lipo Battery Management chip. I would need to charge a 3 cell battery and for each cell to charge to 4.2 volts. An indicator(led) output for when the batter is charged would also be great. If not a 3S maybe a 1S I can use for each battery.

This is for RC battery 3S 800ma transmitter battery pack. The chargers I was using are now very hard to get and I decided maybe I should just make my own.

Any suggestions on chips to use is greatly appreciated!
Kevin Roach

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The 2 power management IC chips we have can handle 1-4 cells.
Click here for 296-BQ25723RSNRCT-ND, and Click here for 296-BQ25720RSNRCT-ND.
These are the closest items I could find.
Please check the datasheet to help determine compatibility to your application.

Hi @adigitaldj1 ,

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Building such a circuit would involve some engineering. If you are to take on that task, This article would be a good read to get started. These charger chips might fit your need, please review datasheet specifications to determine if they will suit your application.

Otherwise 1568-PRT-16793-ND is a great charger if you decide to purchase one, 1939-1237-ND power supply and 1847-PC-ABK001F-ND power cable would be compatible for it.