Choosing Power Management IC

Hi I was looking at datasheet & application notes for some TI components, I came acrosss Power Management section (please refer to attachment) they recommended to include a power management IC but they did not specify it, at my own I found TPS3839xx but not sure if its a good choice.

I’m looking for a power management IC for 3.3v at 150mA (max) circuit, it should cut off circuit from battery when battery reached to lowest threashold, in my case all components can work down to 1.8v, I will be using 3.7v battery for it.

Hello sairfan1,

The TSP3839xx is a supervisory circuit. It monitors the battery voltage and will send a signal to the microcontroller when the monitored input voltage falls below a specific threshold voltage. DigiKey has several different options from this family including:


You may or may not need this functionality depending on the peripherals integrated into your microcontroller.

With regards to a power management circuit, the data sheet doesn’t give a good description. I wonder if the term isn’t used to refer to a general class of power circuits. For example, is the boost converter in this schematic considered a power management solution?

I’d very curious what others in this DigiKey community make of this situation.

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Schematic of a microcontroller's power management circuit.

Hi sairfan1,

As your battery voltage max. is 3.7V and your application max. supply voltage is 3.3V, the power management block should contain voltage regulation. An LDO would work, but it converts some of the battery energy to heat, which is generally not desirable.
You could consider TPS63900
TPS63900DSKR Texas Instruments | Integrated Circuits (ICs) | DigiKey.
It is a buck-boost converter which has very low current consumption and precision input voltage monitoring using the EN-pin (default threshold is 1.75V, but can be set higher with external resistors).

Hope this helps, cheers, heke