Boost converter for nano power harvesting

I am looking to find a boost converter for nano power harvesting from my solar cell. Cell maximum power point is about Vm=2.6V,Im=35mA.
On the other side I have a Li Ion battery with Vmax=4.1V.
Currently I use BQ25505 boost converter. Unfortunately this chip does not have a current limiting functionality or charge current setting functionality to limit and adjust charge currents into the battery.
Any suggesting part or parts as my solution?

Parts like STMicroelectronics SPV1050TTR feature inductor based boost voltage converters for charging single cell batteries, inclucing lithium chemistry.

Thanks Kris.
Is it possible to limit charging currents to the battery (IBATT) using this chip?

Hello Kaveh,
The only ones i’ve found are either voltage or power limiting, unfortunately not current adjustable: