CoreHW CHW1010 Antenna RF Switch Part Numbering

If you are looking for CHW1010 SP16T AoA / AoD Antenna Switch from CoreHW, you may see there are two difference part numbers, namely CHW1010-1-1.0 and CHW1010-3-1.0.

Verified by the manufacturer, the difference is the Reel Size/Parts per reel.

CHW1010-1-1.0 is 180mm T&R, 1250pcs per reel
CHW1010-3-1.0 is 300mm T&R, 5000pcs per reel

The part is same.

Applicable part number
DK Part # Mfr Part #
3920-CHW1010-1-1.0TR-ND,3920-CHW1010-1-1.0CT-ND,3920-CHW1010-1-1.0DKR-ND CHW1010-1-1.0
3920-CHW1010-3-1.0TR-ND CHW1010-3-1.0