Part Comparison between D2VW-01L2A-1M(CHN) and D2VW-01L2A-1MS from Omron

The manufacturer’s part number for 39-D2VW-01L2A-1M(CHN)-ND is D2VW-01L2A-1M(CHN) and the manufacturer part number for SW1170-ND is D2VW-01L2A-1MS. What is the difference between these two parts?

Here is the structure for the above-mentioned manufacturer’s part number:

  1. From this part numbering structure, both the parts have same manufacturer’s part number except a difference in the last: “M” and “MS”. And they both represent “Molded Lead Wires”.

  2. The (CHN) is an Omron internal code. It does not affect the part function and is only for the factory.

Applicable Part Numbers
DK Part # Mfr Part #
SW436-ND D2VW-5L1-1MS
SW438-ND D2VW-5L2-1MS
SW428-ND D2VW-01-1MS
SW434-ND D2VW-5-1MS
SW1066-ND D2VW-5L2A-1MS
SW432-ND D2VW-01L2-1MS
SW430-ND D2VW-01L1-1MS
SW1170-ND D2VW-01L2A-1MS
SW1999-ND D2VW-5-3MS
SW1172-ND D2VW-5L3-1MS
SW1241-ND D2VW-5L1B-1MS
D2VW-5L2A-1M-ND D2VW-5L2A-1M
D2VW-01L3-1MS-ND D2VW-01L3-1MS
SW1399-ND D2VW-5L2A-2MS
SW1171-ND D2VW-5L1A-1MS
Z12282-ND D2VW-5L3-1M
D2VW-5L1-3MS-ND D2VW-5L1-3MS
Z10727-ND D2VW-5L02A-2MS
Z5355-ND D2VW-5L1-1M
Z8558-ND D2VW-01L1B-1MS-0
Z12273-ND D2VW-01-1M
Z12277-ND D2VW-5-1M-0
Z12275-ND D2VW-01-3M
SW1453-ND D2VW-01L1A-1MS
39-D2VW-5L2-1M(CHN)-ND D2VW-5L2-1M(CHN)
Z11586-ND D2VW-5L1A-1M
Z5207-ND D2VW-5L1B-1M
Z12274-ND D2VW-01-2MS
Z8848-ND D2VW-5K3-1MS
Z11587-ND D2VW-5L2A-3MS
Z6433-ND D2VW-01L1B-1MS
Z8555-ND D2VW-01K2-1MS
D2VW-5-2MS-ND D2VW-5-2MS
D2VW-5-1M-ND D2VW-5-1M
39-D2VW-01L2A-1M(CHN)-ND D2VW-01L2A-1M(CHN)
D2VW-5L2-2MS-0-ND D2VW-5L2-2MS-0
D2VW-5K1-1MS-ND D2VW-5K1-1MS
D2VW-01L1B-3MS-ND,2266-D2VW-01L1B-3MS-ND D2VW-01L1B-3MS
D2VW-01L2A-3MS-ND D2VW-01L2A-3MS
D2VW-01L02A-1MS-ND D2VW-01L02A-1MS
D2VW-5K1B-1M-ND D2VW-5K1B-1M
D2VW-01-3MS-ND D2VW-01-3MS
D2VW-5L2A-1MS-0-ND D2VW-5L2A-1MS-0
Z10725-ND D2VW-5-1MR
D2VW-01L1A-1M-ND D2VW-01L1A-1M
Z8559-ND D2VW-01L3-1M
D2VW5L21MS20-ND D2VW5L21MS20