Cornell Dubilier SD Packaging Suffix Callout

Cornell Dubilier / Illinois Capacitor uses the suffix SD for a packging suffix on some of their capacitors. A good example to show this is part number 105TTA050MSD The SD suffix indicated “Standard” reeling per the special order options linked on the datasheet. Also note the additional optional packaging suffix, C1, C2, and C3 from the special order link.

Relevant Parts
DK Part # Mfr Part # Description
1572-1249-2-ND,1572-1249-1-ND 476TTA016MSD CAP ALUM 47UF 20% 16V AXIAL
1572-1035-2-ND,1572-1035-1-ND 106TTA035MSD CAP ALUM 10UF 20% 35V AXIAL
1572-1246-2-ND,1572-1246-1-ND 105TTA050MSD CAP ALUM 1UF 20% 50V AXIAL
1572-1247-2-ND,1572-1247-1-ND 106TTA050MSD CAP ALUM 10UF 20% 50V AXIAL
1572-1248-2-ND,1572-1248-1-ND 226TTA035MSD CAP ALUM 22UF 20% 35V AXIAL

Resource: Special Order Taping Specs
Datasheet: TTA.pdf (