Vishay KP1830 Capacitors - Suffix D


For film capacitors KP1830 series from Vishay, there are different suffixes added to the end of the part number that are often not called out in the manufacturer datasheet. These are often calling out packaging and do not have any effect on the part specifications.

For example, KP1830256063D, where the last suffix digit ‘D’ means Ammopack packaging with taping height of 16.5mm. It is not a standard packaging type anymore and therefore is not shown on the datasheet.

Here is a part number breakdown for KP1830 series of capacitors from Vishay’s datasheet.

Applicable Part Numbers

KP1830110011D KP1830122011D KP1830122014D
KP1830133013D KP1830133015D KP1830147014D
KP1830147015D KP1830210011D KP1830210013D
KP1830215011D KP1830215013D KP1830222011D
KP1830222013D KP1830222014D KP1830233011D
KP1830233061D KP1830233063D KP1830247011D
KP1830247061D KP1830247063D KP1830256063D
KP1830256064D KP1830310061D KP1830310063D

KP1830110011D-ND KP1830122011D-ND KP1830122014D-ND
KP1830133013D-ND KP1830133015D-ND KP1830147014D-ND
KP1830147015D-ND KP1830210011D-ND KP1830210013D-ND
KP1830215011D-ND KP1830215013D-ND KP1830222011D-ND
KP1830222013D-ND KP1830222014D-ND KP1830233011D-ND
KP1830233061D-ND KP1830233063D-ND KP1830247011D-ND
KP1830247061D-ND KP1830247063D-ND KP1830256063D-ND
KP1830256064D-ND KP1830310061D-ND KP1830310063D-ND