MKP1848520704K2 Suffixes

We have had on occasion requests for this series of capacitors with unrecognizable part suffixes. An example would be L25 ending that is an unidentifiable part number

The suffixes indicate The Manufacturer has done a “custom” modification to a standard part, for a specific Customer. The modification details, done by the Manufacturer, are not shared by the Manufacturer.

With the suffix added to the part number, this part number can now be deemed proprietary and the property of a specific Customer.

If a customer wants to customize these parts, the number with a new suffix will be provided. If the custom already is available with a current part number that is not a proprietary, this part number with the suffix will be provided.

Here is a link to the MKP1848520704K2-ND

MKP1848 Family Versions

Here is an example of what the MKP1848 family products resemble

Please contact if You would like to request an inquiry for a specific part number You may have, or a modification to the device. We can then check with the Manufacturer to see if this is an order-able part.datasheet.pdf (227.2 KB)