Cost of SMD capacitors and resistors vs time to diagnose

I have one good and one bad climate control module for a car and it’s stripped leaving behind the CPU, and various smd resistors and ceramic 1206 or smaller capacitors. But the bad module has one location for an SMD electrolyte capacitor with resistance about 32 ohms while the good module is about 5 ohms. I don’t understand why because I compared all the resistance values of every capacitor and resistors from the good and bad board while in circuit and they all look similar.

Would it be much quicker to just replace everything for the price instead of diagnosing it? I took several capacitors out of circuit and they were so small to handle but when I could get a good handle, the resistance values were zero. The problem with replacing every capacitor is identifying their values which causes my hesitation, but I opened a different question on this.

Resistance is not usually a useful test for capacitors.

Most modern electronics are cheaper to replace than repair based on reasonable technician labor costs in industrialized countries.

Thank you for your inquiry. I am sorry you cannot use resistance to identify a capacitor. You would need to know the capacitance and voltage to cross the part. The parts would need to be removed from the circuit for accurate measurement. I have attached a link to verify the correct process.

That would be a part that would best be gotten from the original manufacturer or a repair center.

Ref # T4173379

The problem with continuing to buy old car parts is they will be discontinued or I’ll have to keep buying new modules. This is the 3rd time I’ve had to buy this climate control module. I’m tired of it and it’s not the answer. Unfortunately, I’m a novice and those expensive bench meters seem above my knowledge level to use them. How is this LCR tweezer meter? That video says to avoid the tweezers, but this tweezer seems newer and it saves so much time to grab an mlcc like that instead of fumbling around with probes and popping the capacitor in the air and losing in of the carpet.

I understand your issue with parts and the equipment needed to check them. If you are going through modules as you say, the modules are not the problem you have something burning them out. You would need to check with a repair center. I am sorry I do not have more information to offer.

ok thank you. Replacing the modules with used modules last for 5 or so years and then they go bad again. I notice on my current repair a radial capacitor leaked so I figured that triggered more failure on the board.

Oh and the tweezer I was looking at is