Need help identifying SMD components

We’ll have a Cricut PCB board trying to find details on SMD mlcc , measurements on Black one’s looks like 1812 and 1.65mm/0.065" thick. Is there a way I can identify them both of them test same(dead short)or im poking in the wrong place for problem? When you try to turn it on it seems like it don’t get enough power it just blink when you hit power button,can’t find much on them but more on the brown ones 1206 X7R?


I looked closer into those and by the PCB markings the top one of the ones indicated by the brown coloring you placed on them looks to be a Ferrite Bead chip judging by the marking FB907. If you’re certain they are 1812 package case we have some ferrite bead chips in that package case in stock but there really isn’t enough info there in locating the specific ones on that board.
Ferrite Bead chips in 1812 package that we have in stock.

However that bottom brown marked one may be a capacitor since its marked C901.

Unfortunately there is no way to tell the capacitance from the silk screen.

The chip indicated by your pink mark looks to be a resistor going by the PCB marking of R916.
And, since its top marked 221 it looks to be a 220 ohm resistor. You can take a look at that indication for SMD marked resistors here.

1206 package case resistors we have in stock that are 220ohms.

What is not known for the resistor is the tolerance and the wattage and some other more or less minor parameters that you can select from that link.

I hope that helps.