SMD Possible Filter? Product Identification Help

Need help identifying a part. This is for a APC battery backup. The board model is: 640-4225c-z. The part is labeled on the board as a B7. I suspect it to be a filter possibly since it has continuity and another similar one (but larger) on the board also has continuity. The measurements of this part is 1.5mm length and .05mm wide. There are NO markings at all, just a shade of black. It is not quite as black like a resistor, but close to that shade.

B can be used for battery call out on a board, but is looks like a quick connect, just with a cap on it.

It may be a ferrite bead, there is no uniform reference designator prefix for ferrite beads, so “B” is not too surprising for a bead.

Here’s the in stock surface mount beads, see if you can find some that match the size.

Thank you both very much!