Capacitor Array Identification and a SMD Replacement

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Today I am working on a board that has about 24 of these guys on it -

I have never seen these before but my searching says it is a capacitor array. The one in the picture says 102, and the page that picture came from says 1nf @ 50v. No one seems to have them… or I have it wrong. The one’s on the board I have say 220 instead of 102, so I assume this means the one’s I need are 2.2nf? 50v…
I’d like to replace these on the new board with SMD part(s).

First, is this really a Capacitor Array (of 2 caps?)
Second, is it 2.2nf?
Third, who makes these?
Fourth, trying to move away from throug-hole components, what would be a SMD equilivent?

Thank you!

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I did some searching and wasn’t able to come up with a part that matches. Any chance you can show us a photo of the part on the PC board for reference.

I suspect it is not a simple capacitor array, instead it’s an LC feedthrough filter. (I believe those are ferrite beads visible in the photo)

I don’t have time to narrow down the selection further right now, but here’s a search link for the same style through hole package that may help.

BTW - it is extremely rare for these type of components to fail in less than 50 years.


Take a look at Digikey part 490-9795-1-ND as a possible option.


So, this is a Communication board of sorts. I have not followed traces yet, but I can see they flow to the socketed RS-422 chips and the edge connectors… So, like a TVS diode or sorts?

As requested, here is a shot of them on the PCB…

Here is a super-closeup shot of one of them on the board…


Wow, I think you even linked the correct value on the Digikey part you listed! Can you conifrm?

Thank you!

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I would say this is a 220pf, 22 is the value and the 1 is how many zeroes to add making 22 with one zero or 220pf. Just like the first part with 102 marked on it. The value is 10 with two zeroes or 1000pf which is the same as 1nf. Take a look at Digikey part 490-9790-1-ND as a possible option.


No! they are EMI/RFI filters.

It’s a filter to prevent radio frequencies from either making the system malfunction, or prevent the system from emitting signals strong enough to violate FCC radio regulations.


Thank you guys! Is there a surface mount version?

Hello @Eddiie

Using Digikey part 490-9790-1-ND, the only similar SMD I found is 490-6946-1-ND, most of it attributes match 490-9790-1-ND except for its Voltage rating which is lower at 25 Volts.

Thank you!!