Identification of component


Need help identifying these components.
And also if there is a similar i can buy on DigiKey.

Thanks in advance

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Hi flockisson

This appears to be an RC network. We do not offer the exact value. Click here for a link for the closest options DigiKey offers.

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Hi flockisson,

We do normally stock one other RC snubber which has somewhat closer electrical specifications to your part, but it is currently on back-order. It is the P409EL474M275AH680, rated for 68Ω, 0.47uF, and 275Vac/630Vdc. I can not tell whether the physical form-factor could work for you, but it has the dimensions highlighted in the diagram below from the datasheet:

The parts are on order but I don’t know when they might be coming into stock. If interested, you can send an inquiry to

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Thank you so much for the info, will contact you if I need to order. What is the expected lead time?

Send an inquiry to for questions about lead time.

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