Counting Components for Distribution

Looking for advice for cycle counting tools as a distributor of cable assembly components. We have hundreds of unique electrical wire terminations on our shelves. Using a counting scale seems to be the only realistic way to accurately determine total quantities. As some of these terminals are less than a gram, and we may have 10,000+ on the shelf - identifying cost effective and broad use scale selection is difficult.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience for particular units or manufacturers for this application that are reasonably priced (i.e. <$500)? (Please note that this is intended for internal inventory counts and will not be used for customer orders.)

Precise quantities are not mandatory; a tolerance of ±5% would still provide a reasonably accurate snapshot of volume. Priority is the durability, ease of use, and ideally, the ability to scale between stamped contacts and large plastic inserts.

Alternatively, any other ideas or advice would be appreciated!

Thank you for your time and support.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I see that ULINE lists some optoions. I would check their website. To get you started here is a link:

The higher the weight capacity , the more you pay. This one is more money , but it is rated for 65 pounds: ULINE - Shipping Boxes, Shipping Supplies, Packaging Materials, Packing Supplies

They have a lot of options to check. Hopefuly this provides some options.

Hi Verna,

Thank you for your response and advice! I expect that this will likely be along the lines of whatever the warehouse team ends up picking.

However, there’s a number of well regarded industrial and scientific brands that provide similar or greater functionality at those prices. For example, the MCT Plus ($200) or the “high end” CAS-SC Series ($450).

Given the excellent community of people on this forum, I am hoping there might be someone dealing with a similar inventory that might have specific advice on solution(s) they found. While most of these would probably work fine, trying to make sure our inventory is as accurate as possible will make my life much easier!

Appreciate the quick response!

Greetings and welcome to the Forum. If you are in the U.S. we do have some Marketplace suppliers that carry scales specifically listed for part counting here. Please note that Marketplace products are available through our website but the orders are fulfilled by a third party, in many cases that being the manufacturer. For more information on Marketplace products please see Digi-Key Marketplace.