Crimping / Fastening Tool for Sullins SFH213-PPPC-D20-ID-BK Connector

Hi all,

I’m looking to use the Sullins PEC20DFAN as a board mount (link) and the Sullins SFH213-PPPC-D20-ID-BK (link) for a project but have not used connectors with two rows before - what kind of crimp or fastening tool can be used for this connector? What’s the process for installing wires on 2-row connectors?


Hello cbarnes,

The Sullins connector SFH213-PPPC-D20-ID-BK is meant to be used with a shrouded header, for example SBH11-PBPC-D20-ST-BK. However, the S2212E-20-ND (Sullins PEC20DFAN) has the same pitch and row spacing as the shrouded header, so it would still mate to the female idc connector.






We do have 40 position 0.100"(2.54mm) pitch rectangular cable assemblies here, Cable Assemblies | Rectangular Cable Assemblies | DigiKey if a pre-made cable option would be more suitable to the application.

Otherwise, to terminate the ribbon cable to the IDC connector S9314-ND. Please see the post’s below.

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