Cross for RCA040275K0FKED Resistor from Vishay/Draloric


Customer called looking for the RCA040275K0FKED 0402 SMD Resistor from Vishay/Draloric, which Digi-Key does not carry.
Looking at the Vishay Datasheet for this Resistor, we can offer a very close substitute that is carried by Digi-Key.
2019-RK73H1ERTTP7502FCT-ND, which has a Manufacturer’s part number RK73H1ERTTP7502F, and is Manufactured by KOA Speer.
This is a 75K ohm Resistor, 0402 size, 1% tolerance, Anti-Sulfer and Automotive Grade.
It also has better ratings for the Wattage and Voltage.
Here is the KOA Datasheet so you can compare the two, and verify compatibility to your application.