Cross reference for MCI Transformer

We currently do not carry MCI Transformer. We do have possible substitutes through Signal Transformer that have similar dimensions and specs with the same mounting hole spacing. Scroll down the page to see the substitute options. Also, below is a snip of the dimensions from Signal Transformer’s datasheet ds-st-241-series.pdf ( for reference. Please verify the specs from the datasheet before ordering.


Datasheet ds-st-241-series.pdf (

MCI DK Part # Signal Transformer # Volt - Prim Sec Current Power
4-06-3010 241-3-10-ND 241-3-10 115V 10V 250mA 2.4VA
4-06-4010 595-1035-ND 241-4-10 115V 10V 600mA 6VA
4-06-5010 595-1036-ND 241-5-10 115V 10V 1.2A 12VA
4-06-6010 595-1037-ND 241-6-10 115V 10V 3A 30VA
4-06-7010 595-1038-ND 241-7-10 115V 10V 5A 56VA
4-06-8010 595-1039-ND 241-8-10 115V 10V 10A 100VA
4-06-3012 595-1842-ND 241-3-12 115V 12.6V 200mA 2.4VA
4-06-4012 595-1040-ND 241-4-12 115V 12.6V 500mA 6VA
4-06-5012 595-1041-ND 241-5-12 115V 12.6V 1A 12VA
4-06-6012 595-1042-ND 241-6-12 115V 12.6V 2.5A 30VA
4-06-7012 595-1043-ND 241-7-12 115V 12.6V 4A 56VA
4-06-8012 595-1044-ND 241-8-12 115V 12.6V 8A 100VA
4-06-3016 241-3-16-ND 241-3-16 115V 16V 150mA 2.4VA
4-06-4016 595-1045-ND 241-4-16 115V 16V 400mA 6VA
4-06-5016 595-1046-ND 241-5-16 115V 16V 800mA 12VA
4-06-6016 595-1047-ND 241-6-16 115V 16V 2A 30VA
4-06-7016 595-1048-ND 241-7-16 115V 16V 3.5A 56VA
4-06-8016 595-1743-ND 241-8-16 115V 16V 6.25A 100VA
4-06-3020 241-3-20-ND 241-3-20 115V 20V 120mA 2.4VA
4-06-4020 595-1050-ND 241-4-20 115V 20V 300mA 6VA
4-06-5020 595-1051-ND 241-5-20 115V 20V 600mA 12VA
4-06-6020 595-1052-ND 241-6-20 115V 20V 1.5A 30VA
4-06-7020 595-1053-ND 241-7-20 115V 20V 2.8A 56VA
4-06-8020 595-1054-ND 241-8-20 115V 20V 5A 100VA
4-06-3024 241-3-24-ND 241-3-24 115V 24V 100mA 2.4VA
4-06-4024 595-1055-ND 241-4-24 115V 24V 250mA 6VA
4-06-5024 595-1056-ND 241-5-24 115V 24V 500mA 12VA
4-06-6024 595-1057-ND 241-6-24 115V 24V 1.25A 30VA
4-06-7024 595-1058-ND 241-7-24 115V 24V 2.4A 56VA
4-06-8024 595-1059-ND 241-8-24 115V 24V 4A 100VA
4-06-3028 241-3-28-ND 241-3-28 115V 28V 85mA 2.4VA
4-06-4028 241-4-28-ND 241-4-28 115V 28V 200mA 6VA
4-06-5028 595-1060-ND 241-5-28 115V 28V 420mA 12VA
4-06-6028 595-1061-ND 241-6-28 115V 28V 1.1A 30VA
4-06-7028 595-1062-ND 241-7-28 115V 28V 2A 56VA
4-06-8028 595-1063-ND 241-8-28 115V 28V 3.6A 100VA
4-06-3036 241-3-36-ND 241-3-36 115V 36V 65mA 2.4VA
4-06-4036 595-1064-ND 241-4-36 115V 36V 170mA 6VA
4-06-5036 595-1065-ND 241-5-36 115V 36V 350mA 12VA
4-06-6036 595-1066-ND 241-6-36 115V 36V 850mA 30VA
4-06-7036 595-1067-ND 241-7-36 115V 36V 1.5A 56VA
4-06-8036 595-1068-ND 241-8-36 115V 36V 2.8A 100VA
4-06-3048 241-3-48-ND 241-3-48 115V 48V 50mA 2.4VA
4-06-4048 241-4-48-ND 241-4-48 115V 48V 125mA 6VA
4-06-5048 241-5-48-ND 241-5-48 115V 48V 250mA 12VA
4-06-6048 241-6-48-ND 241-6-48 115V 48V 630mA 30VA
4-06-7048 595-1844-ND 241-7-48 115V 48V 1.2A 56VA
4-06-8048 595-1847-ND 241-8-48 115V 48V 2A 100VA
4-06-3056 241-3-56-ND 241-3-56 115V 56V 45mA 2.4VA
4-06-4056 241-4-56-ND 241-4-56 115V 56V 110mA 6VA
4-06-5056 241-5-56-ND 241-5-56 115V 56V 220mA 12VA
4-06-6056 241-6-56-ND 241-6-56 115V 56V 540mA 30VA
4-06-7056 241-7-56-ND 241-7-56 115V 56V 1A 56VA
4-06-8056 241-8-56-ND 241-8-56 115V 56V 1.8A 100VA
4-06-3120 241-3-120-ND 241-3-120 115V 120V 20mA 2.4VA
4-06-4120 241-4-120-ND 241-4-120 115V 120V 50mA 6VA
4-06-5120 241-5-120-ND 241-5-120 115V 120V 100mA 12VA
4-06-6120 241-6-120-ND 241-6-120 115V 120V 250mA 30VA
4-06-7120 241-7-120-ND 241-7-120 115V 120V 500mA 56VA
4-06-8120 595-1845-ND 241-8-120 115V 120V 850mA 100VA
4-07-4010 595-1069-ND DP-241-4-10 115V, 230V 10V 600mA 6VA
4-07-5010 595-1070-ND DP-241-5-10 115V, 230V 10V 1.2A 12VA
4-07-6010 595-1071-ND DP-241-6-10 115V, 230V 10V 3A 30VA
4-07-7010 595-1072-ND DP-241-7-10 115V, 230V 10V 5A 56VA
4-07-8010 595-1073-ND DP-241-8-10 115V, 230V 10V 10A 100VA
4-07-4012 595-1074-ND DP-241-4-12 115V, 230V 12.6V 500mA 6VA
4-07-5012 595-1075-ND DP-241-5-12 115V, 230V 12.6V 1A 12VA
4-07-6012 595-1076-ND DP-241-6-12 115V, 230V 12.6V 2.5A 30VA
4-07-7012 595-1077-ND DP-241-7-12 115V, 230V 12.6V 4A 56VA
4-07-8012 595-1078-ND DP-241-8-12 115V, 230V 12.6V 8A 100VA
4-07-4016 595-1079-ND DP-241-4-16 115V, 230V 16V 400mA 6VA
4-07-5016 595-1080-ND DP-241-5-16 115V, 230V 16V 800mA 12VA
4-07-6016 595-1081-ND DP-241-6-16 115V, 230V 16V 2A 30VA
4-07-7016 595-1082-ND DP-241-7-16 115V, 230V 16V 3.5A 56VA
4-07-8016 595-1744-ND DP-241-8-16 115V, 230V 16V 6.25A 100VA
4-07-4020 595-1084-ND DP-241-4-20 115V, 230V 20V 300mA 6VA
4-07-5020 595-1085-ND DP-241-5-20 115V, 230V 20V 600mA 12VA
4-07-6020 595-1086-ND DP-241-6-20 115V, 230V 20V 1.5A 30VA
4-07-7020 595-1087-ND DP-241-7-20 115V, 230V 20V 2.8A 56VA
4-07-8020 595-1088-ND DP-241-8-20 115V, 230V 20V 5A 100VA
4-07-4024 595-1089-ND DP-241-4-24 115V, 230V 24V 250mA 6VA
4-07-5024 595-1090-ND DP-241-5-24 115V, 230V 24V 500mA 12VA
4-07-6024 595-1091-ND DP-241-6-24 115V, 230V 24V 1.25A 30VA
4-07-7024 595-1092-ND DP-241-7-24 115V, 230V 24V 2.4A 56VA
4-07-8024 595-1093-ND DP-241-8-24 115V, 230V 24V 4A 100VA
4-07-4028 DP-241-4-28-ND DP-241-4-28 115V, 230V 28V 200mA 6VA
4-07-5028 595-1094-ND DP-241-5-28 115V, 230V 28V 420mA 12VA
4-07-6028 595-1095-ND DP-241-6-28 115V, 230V 28V 1.1A 30VA
4-07-7028 595-1096-ND DP-241-7-28 115V, 230V 28V 2A 56VA
4-07-8028 595-1097-ND DP-241-8-28 115V, 230V 28V 3.6A 100VA
4-07-4036 595-1098-ND DP-241-4-36 115V, 230V 36V 170mA 6VA
4-07-5036 595-1099-ND DP-241-5-36 115V, 230V 36V 350mA 12VA
4-07-6036 595-1100-ND DP-241-6-36 115V, 230V 36V 850mA 30VA
4-07-7036 595-1101-ND DP-241-7-36 115V, 230V 36V 1.5A 56VA
4-07-8036 595-1102-ND DP-241-8-36 115V, 230V 36V 2.8A 100VA
4-07-4048 DP-241-4-48-ND DP-241-4-48 115V, 230V 48V 125mA 6VA
4-07-5048 DP-241-5-48-ND DP-241-5-48 115V, 230V 48V 250mA 12VA
4-07-6048 DP-241-6-48-ND DP-241-6-48 115V, 230V 48V 630mA 30VA
4-07-7048 595-1902-ND DP-241-7-48 115V, 230V 48V 1.2A 56VA
4-07-8048 595-1904-ND DP-241-8-48 115V, 230V 48V 2A 100VA
4-07-4056 DP-241-4-56-ND DP-241-4-56 115V, 230V 56V 110mA 6VA
4-07-5056 DP-241-5-56-ND DP-241-5-56 115V, 230V 56V 220mA 12VA
4-07-6056 DP-241-6-56-ND DP-241-6-56 115V, 230V 56V 540mA 30VA
4-07-7056 DP-241-7-56-ND DP-241-7-56 115V, 230V 56V 1A 56VA
4-07-8056 595-1905-ND DP-241-8-56 115V, 230V 56V 1.8A 100VA
4-07-4120 DP-241-4-120-ND DP-241-4-120 115V, 230V 120V 50mA 6VA
4-07-5120 DP-241-5-120-ND DP-241-5-120 115V, 230V 120V 100mA 12VA
4-07-6120 595-1901-ND DP-241-6-120 115V, 230V 120V 250mA 30VA
4-07-7120 DP-241-7-120-ND DP-241-7-120 115V, 230V 120V 500mA 56VA
4-07-8120 595-1903-ND DP-241-8-120 115V, 230V 120V 850mA 100VA