CS18-02P110-03-1X - Enclosure


the datasheet of CS18-02P110-03-1X presents a graphic for the speaker tested with 1cc enclosure.
Could it be possible to get information of the enclosure used? (3D file or dimension)

Hello Oliver,

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I’m sorry to say we don’t readily possess such documentation of this speaker.
I will have to contact our product management team to see if they can obtain it. Please note that this may take a few days to resolve.


Ok thanks, let see if he could share information which have been used to write the datasheet.

Additionally, could you request voltage values used for the rated power and the SPL tests?

Hello @olivier.mandine I have a request to the supplier for the enclosure along with the voltage values for the rated power and the SPL tests. I will provide an answer on this post as soon as possible.

The air behind a speaker acts as a spring dampener and usually has no shape restriction other than not significantly impeding air flow through the space. So pretty much any shaped 1cc volume of air behind the speaker will almost certainly provide the same acoustic performance.

Hello @olivier.mandine apologies for the delay. The supplier came back with the following info:

Chamber - “The size chamber that we use for testing is 21x18x5.1 mm internal dimensions. This calculates to approximately a 2cc chamber which when you subtract the contact pins, mounting foam, etc that we use for testing, leads to the 1cc chamber that is listed on the spec.”

For the input voltage the value is 2.828 Vrms