CS43L22-CNZ alterantive for the new design

Please suggest CS43L22-CNZ modern alternative because the manufacturer does not recommend for new design

The task is to connect a single 2 W speaker using the I2S interface and battery supply.

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I’m sorry, we do not have an alternative to offer for CS43L22-CNZ. CS4399-CNZ is not an exact equivalent, but it is in the same package type as CS43L22-CNZ. Here are some other options in different surface mount packages that you can take a look at. There are some variations in the specifications so you will want to compare datasheets to verify if any of these substitutes will be appropriate for your application.

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Thank you for the detailed answer.
I would like to use IC DAC/AUDIO NAU8402WG.

Could you please suggest the amplifier for the 2 W, 8 Ω speaker using battery supply 2-3 V?
The IC DAC/AUDIO output level is 2 Vrms when a 10 kΩ load is applied.

A variety of low-voltage audio amplifier ICs can be found here.

Please note that Ohm’s law does not permit delivery of 2W to an 8Ω load using a 3V source, without using some means to increase the available supply voltage. Any design choices made to work around this limitation may influence the selection of components for other stages.

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Hi andrius.usinskas,

Make note also that the minimum supply voltage for VDDA on the NAU8402WG is 3.0V, so you need to be sure your battery supply will support that. If not, you’ll need to either figure an alternative power scheme or change to a different DAC.

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Please review datasheets of below:

Other possible options

Amp on board options